Diabetes Care

We offer complete Diabetes care and treatment. Our comprehensive out-patient services are operated by a team of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals. We are equipped to offer complete management of diabetes mellitus and thyroid disorders. The doctors here are known to have superb capabilities in treating complex lipid disorders, nutritional issues and obesity. We provide complete treatment of adrenal, pituitary, para-medical thyroid, reproductive endocrinology, adolescent diabetes management, gestational diabetes management, insulin pump therapy, metabolic disorders. Diabetic patients are provided with an individualized diet plan. Diabetes Mellitus happens when the body either doesn’t make enough Insulin or can’t effectively use the Insulin. This hormone moves sugar from the blood into the cell to be stored or used for energy. People with diabetes experience symptoms such as an increase of appetite, irritability, extreme tiredness, dryness in throat, frequent urination, weight loss, etc. The patients are not just offered treatment but are also given tips that can enable them to minimize risk and complications related to diabetes.