Laparoscopy Surgery

In laparoscopic surgery, a slender tool with a tiny video camera and light at one end is inserted in the body via a small cut, this allows the surgeon to see what is inside the body without making any large opening. Laparoscopy surgery is a minimally invasive low-risk procedure that allows doctors to examine organs inside the stomach with just very small incisions. Our expert doctors use laparoscopy surgery to rectify various problems such as gall bladder stones, gynecology operations, liver, intestine related problems, etc. Laparoscopic surgery is a breakthrough in science. The holes which are made in the body are less than half an inch. This is the reason this surgery is also known as keyhole surgery. A tube is put inside the body via these holes. Camera and surgical instruments also go through these holes and then the surgeon does the operation. The benefit of this surgery is that the patient recovers faster and feels less pain. We at Medihub Multispeciality Clinic thrive to excellent treatment and early recovery. For the same our laproscopic surgeon and dedicated staff tries to keep minimum incisions so that you recover as early as possible and with lesser scars.